Best Blenders for Smoothies in 2021 – Smooth and Delicious Results


The Smoothie Blenders for Helping Your Family Get Healthier!

What are the best blenders for smoothies and other stuff? This is a question that most smoothie lovers have asked at some point. Smoothies are a great way to get valuable vitamins and nutrients that our body needs, and that we often miss out on.

The thing is, not all blenders are going to make an awesome smoothie. You have to be a little pickier because in making a smoothie, you can lose some of the vitamins. This lessens their nutritional value. The best smoother maker is one that blends quickly and effectively, preserving the good stuff that is in each piece of fruit or vegetable that you want to add.

You need to know that they also have enough power to tackle ice cubes, as well as hard fruits, nuts, and more. How much power do you need for this? It depends on what you want to enjoy eating or drinking.

In an effort to help you choose the right one for your family, we searched for the best smoothie blenders available. We made the choice by looking at other smoothie blender reviews to see whether people loved them or not. From there, we looked at the features that each one had to offer. In the end, we narrowed it down to the eight best blenders for smoothies in 2021. We hope it makes your decisions a little easier.

Our Favorite Top Rated Blenders for Smoothies

1. Best Overall: Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System with Total Crushing Pitcher

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher

The Mega Kitchen System features a 72-ounce pitcher that crushes ice in mere seconds. This makes it awesome for frozen drinks and smoothies. However, what makes it truly a great blending system is the variety of things that it comes with and can do because of it.

It has a 1500-watt motorized base and a pitcher. On the base, you can set it to pulse, dough, blend, and crush. From there, you get an 8-cup food processor bowl that can chop or mix dough. A dough blade is also included. You get two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups and go lids. The cups have a blade that is designed for making personal smoothies.

Overall, the machine measures 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75-inches, so it will not take up much kitchen space. It is easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts and an easy to wipe base. It is also BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about what you are giving your family to eat or drink. This blender offers enough value for its price to be on the best blenders for smoothies list.


  • 1500-Watt Motor
  • 72-Ounce Pitcher (64-oz capacity)
  • Two 16-Ounce Cups/Lids Included
  • 8-Cup Processor Bowl
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to Clean

2. Best Budget: Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

How many times have you seen Hamilton Beach blenders at Walmart and wondered if they were worth it? We are here to say that they are! To prove it, we are showing you this budget-friendly blender that is also compact. It will not take up much space. It has a 40-ounce blending jar that is glass and an impressive 14-functions while measuring in at only 6.89 x 9.45 x 14.96-inches. With each of the functions, you can stir, milkshake, chop, puree, smooth, grind and crush ice with ease using its 700-watt motor.

The wave action that is a part of this blender is ideal because it continuously works to push the mixture down into the blades. This provides you with consistent smoothness without ever having to stir your mixture. The pitcher then has an easy pour spout that will make it easy to avoid drips when making smoothies or other treats.

It is designed to also look great on your counter with its stainless-steel finish, which you can keep clean by wiping it down. The lid, blades, and jar are dishwasher safe. There is a cord storage area built into the base. This impressive machine is also backed by a three-year warranty. We found it adorable enough to be on the best blenders for smoothies list.


  • Wave Action Technology
  • 700-Watt Motor
  • Space-Saving Size
  • Variety of Functions
  • Nice Looking Overall

3. Best Splurge: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

This powerful blender has five pre-programmed settings. This Vitamix blender allows you to work with it easily, no matter what you are preparing for yourself or your family. Beyond that, it also has a variable speed control to make it work the way you want it to work. When you combine all that it does, you can expect to be able to use it for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and purees.

Overall, it measures 8.5 x 17.25 x 8.5-inches. It has a 6-ft power cord, and it will sit under most cabinets. For most people, this makes it a great blender to consider. We also like that it comes with a 64-ounce blending container and hardened stainless-steel blades. It is backed by a 2.2-peak HP motor that provides up to 750-watts of power.

As if that isn’t enough for features, it is also able to self-clean. You simply drop dish soap and water into the canister, push a button, and it is done in less than 60-seconds. The base of the machine can be simply wiped down with a damp rag.


  • Compact size
  • Versatile Uses
  • 750-Watts of Power
  • 64-Ounce Blending Canister
  • Self Cleaning

4. Best for Multi-Speed: COOCHEER 1800W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COOCHEER 1800W Blender for Shakes

Speed and control are what you will find when you choose this 1800-watt blender and smoothie maker. It has six stainless-steel blades, which will release the nutrition hidden within. With that knowledge, you can create healthier juices, crush nuts, grind coffee, and make outstanding, vitamin-rich smoothies.

The base of this blender is also stainless-steel which gives it an appealing look. It has rubber feet to keep it securely in place no matter what you are grinding or smoothing, or how fast you are doing it. There are six-speed controls and three pre-programmed settings so that you can create a large variety of textures.

You will also enjoy knowing that it is easy to clean the 68-ounce BPA free Tritan jar. It has a self-cleaning operation and all you have to do is turn the dial to “P”, add soap and water, and wait one minute for it to take care of itself. Everything is backed by a 2-year replacement/refund promise and 24/7 support. It deserves a place in our best blenders for smoothies list.


  • Large Blending Container
  • 1800-Watt
  • Multipurpose Uses
  • Multi-Speed
  • Self-Cleaning
  • 2-Year Warranty

5. Best for Overall Style: Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

With this Oster blender, you can say, “Good-Bye” ugly blenders. It has a very appealing brushed nickel and black finish that will look great with any kitchen color scheme. However, the appeal to it does not have to end there. It proves that beauty and functionality can come together in one machine.

It has 1200 watts of power, seven speeds, and three pre-programmed settings to make quick work of most blending tasks. There is also a pulse button. You will also find a dual direction blade that is 3.5-inches wide. This is larger than other Oster blenders. The round blending jar is made of Boroclass glass and is designed to withstand thermal shock. It holds up to 6-cups. Overall, the machine measures 14.25 x 7.25 x 8-inches.

One thing we really like about this blender, beyond the style and functionality of it, is the fact that it is covered by a 10-year Duralast warranty. This should give you confidence that you can buy it and use it for many years to come.


  • 6-Cup Glass Blending Jar
  • 24-Ounce Cup
  • 1200-Watts (900 watts for Ice)
  • Several Buttons/Speeds
  • 10-Year Warranty

6. Best for Functionality: COSORI Blender 1500W Professional Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker

COSORI Blender 1500W for Shakes Professional Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker

What do you feel your blender should be able to do? If you are like some, the answer is everything. This blender promises to be pretty much that blender with its 1500-watt motor. It can power through crushing ice, making green smoothies, nut butter, and so much more.

It starts with the six hardened stainless-steel blades that are razor sharp. You can use it to slice through vegetables and fruits quickly for optimal nutrient and vitamin extraction. You will be able to take advantage of a variable speed control dial, pulse feature, and an easy on/off switch.

When you open the box on this blender, you will get a 70-ounce blending container, a 27-ounce travel bottle, and a lid. You will also get a tamper to help you mix the foods you enjoy, as well as a recipe manual to get you started. The pitcher can self-clean, be cleaned with a cleaning brush, or you can wash it in the dishwasher. It is great, hence the place in our best blenders for smoothies list.


  • 1500 Watt Motor
  • 6 Point Stainless Steel Blade
  • 70-Ounce Blending Pitcher
  • 27-Ounce Travel Bottle
  • Variable Speeds
  • Dishwasher Safe or Self Cleaning

7. Best Personal Blender: Sboly Smoothie Blender Single Serve Small Blender

Sboly Smoothie Blender Single Serve Small Blender for Juice Shakes

A personal blender for smoothies is a great option if you enjoy healthier smoothies, but lack the space or need for a larger blender. They are easy to use when you want shakes, smoothies, or juice. It can work effectively in as little as 10 seconds for most drinks.

It has a 300-watt motor, which is great for a machine of its size. There are four stainless steel, ultra-sharp blades that chop anything you put into the blender. You will also be able to feel confident that you are providing healthy treats with BPA free blender containers.

The canister, blades, and lid are dishwasher safe. You can use the 20-ounce Tritan cup to sip from without messing up other dishes. The base can be washed off. To help you get started, you can use the included silicone ice tray for your smoothies. This blender makes its way up to our best blenders for smoothies list.


  • 300-Watts of Power
  • Creative Use
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to Clean
  • 20-Ounce Blending/Sipping Cup
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

8. Best Family Blender: NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender

The NutriBullet Pro blending system is a personal blender with addons that make it great for families. It offers 900-watts of power to ensure that it is faster and stronger than other personal blenders. This thing is powerful enough to handle nuts, seeds, kale, and harder fruits. The extractor blade uses cyclonic action so that each item that you put in will have the nutrients pulled out and preserved.

In the box, you will find the motorized base, an extractor blade, two 32-ounce cups, two lids, two lip rings, two lip rings with handles, and a recipe booklet to get you started. All parts of it are BPA free and very durable.

You can clean this entire set with ease. The cups just need to be twisted off the blades. You can then rinse with soap and water or put the cups in the top rack of your dishwasher. All items do come with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • 13-Piece Set
  • 2 32-Ounce Travel Cups with Lids
  • Simple to Operate
  • 900-Watts of Power
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Limited Warranty Included

Best Smoothie Blender Buying Guide

Choosing the best smoothie maker is kind of difficult if you aren’t sure what you need. We put together a buying guide in the hopes that it would help you figure out which one may be your best option.

Choose the Right Size of Blenders for Smoothies

If you choose a smoothie maker that is heavy or bulky to work with, it could lessen your desire to mess with it. Choose one that is sized so that you can leave it sitting on the counter or move it around easily. This will make it more easily accessible and increase the chance that you will want to use it when you have fresh fruits and vegetables to put in it.


Smoothie makers are available in a variety of watts. The more watts it has, the more it will be able to do for you. If you have 100 watts, you will be confined to using softer fruits and vegetables. If you have 1000-watts of power, you can chop and smooth virtually anything.


Speed is important when you choose a smoothie blender. Ideally, you will start slowly and increase your speed as you go when making them. This will ensure that everything is blended to perfection. The pulse feature is also nice because it blends in short bursts.


Most blenders come with a tamper or a stirring stick to help you keep foods from getting stuck on the side of the jar. Other accessories may include extra sipping cups, lids, blades, chopping bowls, etc. Before you buy, decide which of the features and extras you may need.

Blenders for Smoothies Tips and Tricks

Creating the perfect smoothie may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s really quite easy so long as you know a few tips to help you out. Most smoothies are made with either fruits and vegetables and water. However, other things can be added as well. Two of our favorite hacks for smoothie making include:

    1. If you’re not fond of a super sweet smoothie, you can always add lemonade or slices of lemon to the drink. This can help to tone down the sweetness in the drink using the tartness of a lemon. On the flip side, if your fruits or vegetables make the smoothie too bitter for your liking, you can use sweet fruits to up the sugary taste to your preferences.
    2. If you want a thinner smoothie fruit and water alone will work fine. However, many people decide they would rather their smoothie be creamy, in which case avocado can be the perfect addition.

Smoothie Machine FAQ

Some of the most common smoothie machine questions are answered here. We hope this also helps to make your decision a little easier.

Q. What Does the Stir Stick Do?
A. A stirring stick or a tamper are included to help you push ingredients toward the blade if something happens to get stuck to the side of your blending container. Most blenders do not need it, but it is always helpful to have it around.

Q. What is Pulse?
A. Pulse speed settings allow you to have more control over the blending process. You make short bursts with the blade, giving heavier items a chance to push down the lighter stuff. This enables anything to have a smoother consistency.

Q. Do You Need Variable Speeds?
A. When making a smoothie, you should start out with slower speeds and then increase. So, the short answer is that it can help you have a drink you can enjoy sipping on.